New poll shows most Utahns favor legalizing medical marijuana

New poll shows most Utahns favor legalizing medical marijuana
Salt Lake City, Utah- (ABC 4 Utah) – Medical marijuana will be one of the big debates when the General Session gets underway next month.
And a new poll is shedding light on what Utahns think about the controversial issue.
A bill sponsored by Senator, Mark Madsen would legalize it for people suffering from nine chronic conditions who are under the care of a physician.
The bill failed last year in the Senate by one vote.
This time Madsen thinks he can push it through.
And a new Utah Policy poll shows Utahns are on his side.
“It tells us that lawmakers would be on solid ground if they decided to approve it and this seems to be the trend across the United States,” said Utah Policy Managing Editor, Bryan Schott.
The poll asked: “Do you favor or oppose legalizing medical marijuana, prescribed by licensed doctors?”
It found 61% of Utahns favor legalizing medical marijuana and 36% oppose it.
Among those who identify as “very active Mormons,” 48% favor it and 50% oppose it.
Republicans are split, 49% to 48%.
And democrats strongly favor it, 86% to 13%.
Schott says one of the big surprises came from the age break down.
“Older Utahns are much more in favor of it than younger Utahns. And you would expect that to be in reverse given cultural trends,” said Schott.
We asked what you think on the ABC4 Utah Facebook page.
Diana Anderson says: “I favor it! If it can help someone who is in pain live relatively pain-free then who am I to stop it?”
Allison Trainer says: “Nothing like going to a Yoga Festival & all you smell is weed. The devil is the details.”
Senator Madsen’s bill is expected to get some competition this session.
Another bill is in the works that would also legalize medical marijuana, but for fewer people.
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